CROSSCO® DP-SEAL™ (2nd STEP)Code #: DP081


- Description

Crossco® DP-Seal™ is designed for all types of floor with heavy traffic. Used DP-Seal ™ (2nd step) to seal porous and mistreated floor before applying Crossco® Cromkote™ (3rd step) or Crossco® Crosshine™ (3rd step).   Is recommended for all types of floor such as:  Asphalt shingles, vinyl terrazzo, rubber flooringparquet, wood and cork floors.

Available in: 32FL.OZ., 1 US GAL.

- Application

  • Remove all type of foreign materials such as: Wax, grease, dirt or oil. Rinse with water and wait for it dry.
  • Used Crossco® Waxex™  (1st step) to remove previous wax
  • Rinse with water and allow the floor to dry completely.
  • Apply product using an clean mop. Submerge  mop in DP-Seal™ (2nd step) and  remove excess from mop.
  • Disperse Crossco® DP-Seal™(2nd step)  all over the floor. Allow floor to dry and apply second coat.
  • Wait for Crossco® DP-Seal™(2nd step)  to dry before applying Crossco® Cromkote™ (3rd step). Following the product instructions.

- Advantages

  • Resist Heavy traffic
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Excellent Durability
  • Prevent Slips
  • Does not Require Polishing
  • Prevents Dirt Accumulation
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Apply and Remove

- Specifications

  • Appearance: White Liquid
  • Solids: 12%
  • Yield: 3000 sq.ft
  • Specific Gravity: 1.02
  • wt/Gal: 8.49 lb.
  • pH: 7-8

- Warnings


For chemical emergencies only, call CHEMTREC

The manufacturer’s liability in connection with the sale of this product extends only to the replacement price.