- Description

Crossco Deketon™ is a Clear, solvent acrylic penetrating sealer for concrete, stone, tiles, and rustic tiles. Designed specifically for use on a variety of properly prepared new or previously stained concrete surfaces, including patios, pool decks, garage floors, sidewalks and walkways. High performance formula for unmatched penetration and adhesion, is extremely durable with exceptional resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling, is highly scrubbable and washable with great gloss-resistant properties.

Available in: 32 FL.OZ, 1 US GAL, 5 US GAL, 55 US GAL

- Application

For new concrete surfaces it is recommended that a curing time of no less than 30 days should be observed before painting. Apply two or more coats of sealer (do not allow it to puddle). Make sure each coat is dry to the touch before applying second coat; usually 3-4 hours. Allow additional drying time in moist climates. It can be applied with a brush, wax applicator, or spray-equipment dependent on porosity and roughness of surface. Clean tools with water before sealer dries. Apply between 55o and 80oF. If it is necessary to apply sealer on a warm day in direct sunlight, slightly dampen the surface to be sealed with a fine spray of water prior to application of the sealer. Allow 72 hours curing time against heavy moisture and bulk water. Sealer will continue to gain strength for up to one week.

- Advantages

  • High Solids
  • Stain Resistance
  • Detergent Resistance
  • Repels Oil and Grease Stains
  • Good Flow- Leveling Properties
  • Easy to Apply/ Long Lasting

- Specifications

  • Appearance: Clear Viscous Liquid
  • Specific Gravity: 0.92
  • Wt/Gal: 7.66
  • Yield: 300-450 sq.ft./gal

- Warnings


For chemical emergencies only, call CHEMTREC

The manufacturer’s liability in connection with the sale of this product extends only to the replacement price.