- Description

Crossco® Spray Buff™ is a restoration polymeric treatment that enhances the brilliance of floor finishes in a spray buff program. Formulated with acrylic copolymers, this product produces a clean, slip-resistant, glossy finish on all resilient and composition floors. Dries to a hard durable finish.

Available in: ¼ US GAL, 1 US GAL, 5 US GAL

- Application

Use on any floor repair that requires spray buffing, UHS burnishing, or auto scrubbing.

-Always dilute SPRAY BUFF properly and use approved protective equipment:

-Dilute 42 oz. per gallon of cold water for spray buffs.

-Dilute 3-6 oz. per gallon as a restorer. -Dilute 2-3 oz. per gallon as a cleaner.

-Apply SPRAY BUFF to floor surfaces using thin coats and a clean mops with a spray bottle or an auto scrubber. (Product will dry to a dull haze and will restore gloss after burnishing when used as a mop- on restorer.)

-If using an auto scrubber, SPRAY BUFF should be diluted properly in the solution tank. Scrub floor and allow to dry to touch before high-speed burnishing. Product may dry to a dull haze but will restore to a high gloss after burnishing.

- Advantages

  • Brilliant Reflective Shine
  • Slip Resistance
  • UHS Compatible
  • Detergent Blended
  • Self leveling Ability
  • Easy to apply


- Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Weight/Gallon: 8.35 lbs./gal.
  • Solids: 11.0 ± 0.5%
  • pH: 8.5 – 9

- Warnings


For chemical emergency only, call Chemtrec 1- 800-424-9300.

The manufacturer’s liability in connection with the sale of this product extends only to the replacement price.