CROSSCO® MARINE MA2000™Code #: CM002


- Description

Crossco® MA 2000™ is a powerful chemical cleaner designed for boating and yatch maintenance. This formula will react with insoluble carbonates, iron hydroxides and oxides to form a soluble salts that can be easily washed away.

Available in: 1/4 US GAL, 1 US GAL

- Application

Cleaner: Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and plastic safety glasses while using.
Designed as an aggressive, one step, brush on, spray off acid hull cleaner that dissolves deposits and gives you the best economy when pulling boats out for storage and detailing.

To clean hull: Dilute to desired strength by adding acid carefully to water, avoid splashing. Start with a highly diluted mixture and strengthen gradually (1 part acid to 10 parts water). Apply solution. Bubbling indicates solution is strong enough. For tough build up use a Boat Brush for cleaning hulls. Flush thoroughly with clean water and immediately after cleaning or etching is complete.


- Advantages

  • Gel Coat Restorer
  • Stains Remover
  • Removes Shell Marks
  • Efflorescence remover
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Declogs Drains

- Specifications

  • Appearance: Clear Liquid
  • Odor: Strong Acid
  • Water solubility: Soluble
  • Baume: 10-12

- Warnings

For chemical emergency call Chemtrec 1- 800-424-9300
The manufacturer’s liability in connection with the sale of this product extends only to the replacement price.

Keep acid away from other chemicals, and never mix acid with any other chemicals. Mixed with Chlorine, and you can create a very dangerous mustard gas.

Muriatic acid must be used with EXTREME CAUTION!! Contact with the eyes, for example, can cause irreversible damage and permanent blindness. Contact with the skin even for a few moments can cause severe burns.

CAUTION: Test on areas other than gelcoated fiberglass before full application. Not recommended for glass, fabrics, and certain plastics, decals and metals. This is a commercial strength product that must be used with care