Crossco Helps the Planet

Green Crossco

Studies have demonstrated that having a white roof reduces internal temperature and electricity costs in more than 20%. A white coating absorbs less than 15% of sun heat and also has the ability to reflect part of that heat. Black coated or no coated roofs absorb 90% of sun heat. Lowering energy consumption also means lowering the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. At Crossco we have:

  • 100% acrylic products, elaborated with the best pigments to withstand UV rays.
  • “Energy Star” products (EPA’s program that protects the environment and save money, promoting the use of energy efficient products).
  • We are members of “Cool Roof Rating Council”, “Reflective Roof Coating Institute” and “National Roofing Contractors Association”.
  • We comply with ASTM 6083 (Regulates the minimal properties a liquid sealer must have), which ensures elasticity, adherence, solid and fungus resistance for longer durability.
  • Crossco sealers are water-based and have low concentration of volatile organic compounds.

You can make change starting with your home or business. Along with the guaranty and liability of Crossco sealers, we can help the planet as we save energy and money.

By: Ignacio Cotto Rosario, Crossco Technical Director